I’m a San Francisco Bay Area based designer with over 9 years experience. What draws me to UX/ UI design is its major role in finding creative and practical solutions to solve the users’ problems and revealing new opportunities for them.

To me, design is a problem solving activity. As a designer, I understand that the perfect design not only involves visual aesthetics, but even more importantly, an interface that functions well. This requires a deep understanding of human behavior and psychology - the outcome of which greatly impacts the overall experience of the product, regardless of the platform.

I have a unique talent at seeing the big picture potential in a product or brand and then bringing it to life. I always bring a quality of work and creativity that is hard to match. I'm an optimist and all-round design nutter who keeps up with the industry its developments and is always eager to learn new trades. I love what I do, it's as simple as that. I always keep my skills fresh by reading industry blogs, taking classes, networking and looking to the latest trends for inspiration and guidance.

I graduated from a year UC Berkeley Bootcamp in User Experince Design. I have a background in Art; in which I hold a Master of Graphic Design degree.